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Security Cameras

Security Cameras for your home or business? Gibson Electrical Solutions has you covered. All Security Cameras offered are High-Definition (HD), low-light with night vision available - which means you will be able to view areas in complete darkness. High-resolution video any time of day or night. See below for additional features. Contact today for a free in-person quote.

Security camera systems. Installation, and service. For both home and business.

Some features include:

  • 4 megapixel HD all the way up to 8mp for true 4k quality!

  • H.265+ technology allows you to easily stream your cameras live to any smartphone or tablet remotely, anywhere you have an internet connection.

  • Outdoor turret style cameras offer vandal resistance, full metal housing, and protective lens glass.

  • Full true night color on outdoor turrets with assist LEDs for a clear in-color image in total darkness.

  • All cameras are night vision inferred. 

  • Indoor dome style cameras offer vandal resistance and tamper resistance for peace of mind and top protection.

  • Onsite DVR (Digital Video Recorder) for local recording of all video footage for easy playback and retrieval. Up to 32 TB of starage.

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