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Door Access Control

With increased security becoming widely popular and needed. Door Access Control is an option that many are looking for. With doors staying locked electronically, access is granted only by permission. These permissions are in the form of a card or pin. Card Access Control uses proximity card reading technology to allow the cardholder to present the card to the reader at the door to gain access through it. Pin number allows for either duel Pin/Card access for even higher security. Or the use of a single pin number to gain access through the door. Giving management or owner the authority to allow certain people into specific areas through specific doors. Complete control over your facility or office with higher security than any system will allow during normal business hours.


*(Installation of door locking hardware is not provided by Gibson Electrical Solutions)

Electronic door access control. Card readers, PIN pads and PC software

Securing your entrances into the premises, or into a specific interior room. Selectively allowing who you want, when you want, into the designated areas via card reader or pin pad. ​​

  • Local database and management software will be installed on site on a local PC or server.

  • Customizable printing on cards through built-in design software.

  • Proximity card technology

  • Pin number readers for added security.

  • Unlock and gain access through a single door or as many as needed.

  • Manage, view, track, print reports all through the onsite software. 

  • Set up for alarm on door forced open or other system conditions.

  • Set up cards to expire at a specific date and time.

  • Program multiple levels of authority for specific personnel.

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